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Peter R. Ha evaluado 5/5

Il y a 7 j. Debido a un reserva


Guillaume C. Ha evaluado 5/5

Il y a 7 j. Debido a un reserva


Sandra P. Ha evaluado 4/5

Very charming little restaurant. You absolutely need reservations. Get the lamb shank or duck. Both were fabulous. The lamb chops were tough and had too much fat to find any meat. The crème brûlée and chocolate mouse were delicious.

Il y a 8 j. Debido a un reserva


Yves C. Ha evaluado 3/5

Nourriture correcte, rien d’exceptionnel, baguette pas des meilleures

Il y a 9 j. Debido a un reserva


shaun d. Ha evaluado 5/5

Il y a 10 j. Debido a un reserva


Ann D. Ha evaluado 5/5

Our final night in Paris, we saved the best for last. Wonderful small bistro beaming with energy, great food and interesting guests. A small wedding party arrived shortly after we ordered. We sent them a bottle of champagne and the beautiful bride had tears in her eyes. The family sitting next to us was from Brussels and there was a table of four ladies from New Jersey enjoying their time in Paris. Lovely restaurant you don’t want to miss.

Il y a 11 j. Debido a un reserva


Pastora P. Ha evaluado 4/5

El ambiente muy agradable. La comida súper.

Il y a 11 j. Debido a un reserva


william g. Ha evaluado 1/5

Loud.. very noisy .. diners are about one foot away from each other, crammed in a tiny space. , while the owner kept two small , quiet tables open for locals?… had to ask for water 2x, food was mediocre at best, fatty , gristly lamb , Luke warm potatoes ( also tasteless).. look like a basic tourist trap .. mostly Americans yelling at the top of their lungs., impossible to have a conversation.. my partner saw the owner/ waiter chasing people out after they paid their bill, obviously to re fill the tiny , claustrophobic tables..

Il y a 11 j. Debido a un reserva


Diane G. Ha evaluado 4/5

Il y a 12 j. Debido a un reserva


Kathrine T. Ha evaluado 5/5

Delicious and lively atmosphere!

Il y a 14 j. Debido a un reserva

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